Adelaide Day 2 @ The Footy Almanac

launch adelaide group photo

Back: Mickey Randall, Smokie Dawson, Dave Brown, MOC, P. Flynn, Ruleboook, JTH. Front: Aidan Hammond, Cathryn McDonald, Citrus Bob Utber, Keiran Croker.

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Tremendous night at Adelaide Lutheran with a last-ball victory to the home side against a noble Almanac XI followed by much merriment in the clubrooms. Thanks to Belinda Clark, John Watkin, Sam Almiliki and the Cricket Australia crew, and to all the Almanac writers and revellers. As launch extravaganzas go, this was a very good one.


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Mickey Randall: My Greg Chappell Hat (features a comment from GS Chappell)
Crankypete: Thoughts on Jimmy Webb’s ‘By the time I get to Phoenix’ UPDATE – THIS HAS BEEN COMMENTED ON AND RECOMMENDED BY JIMMY HIMSELF!

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Era, era on the wall; 2011 –

The final installment of what has been a fantastic series on the history and evolution of the VFL/AFL. Jeff Dowsing looks a the challenges now facing the game and concludes that less is more (you’ll get no arguments there Jeff)

Urban Utility

In my last article I discussed some of the challenges posed by urbanisation and why sport should play a key role in our future towns and cities. How should we deliver our sporting and recreation facilities in ways that will be appropriate for future residents but takes account of resource constraints? Australians love their sport [Read more]

Footy and the Cleo Bachelor – Beauty or the Beast?

David Griffin takes exception to double standards in reporting beauty contests.

Almanac Cycling: A Rio Pursuit

David Parker is filming a documentary on the Australian Cycling Men’s Team Pursuit squad as they prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test Day 1: Pink

A walletless Citrus Bob files from day one at the Adelaide Oval.

Almanac Music: The Revolution Starts at Closing Time (a short history on the band ‘Serious Drinking’)

Dennis Gedling’s got a mate from East London who has introduced him to some bands, some old, some new. Serious Drinking is but one of them.

Almanac Racing – head for the hills

It takes quite some adjusting from the glut of Group glory, so getting out of town is a good strategy. Wth no atmosphere and few drawcards in the metro offerings, the point of difference of country/picnic meets is attractive. But wherever you go, backing winners makes it more fun. Tips please!

Almanac Music: Geography, geometry and the cartography of loss… revisiting Jimmy Webb’s By the Time I Get to Phoenix

Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down with Cranky Pete’s wonderful discussion of ‘By the time I get to Phoenix’ [Update – Jimmy Webb has read, commented and shared this on Facebook. Great stuff Pete – fine writing. JTH]

A Draft Night in Adelaide

Missed the Draft the other night? Mike Hugo brings you all of the colour and movement from Adelaide’s night of nights.

Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers – Sat 29th Nov at the Memo Music Hall

Almanackers – Sunday 29th of November at The Memo Music Hall promises to be a grand event. After a decade apart, local legends Tim Rogers and Tex Perkins (author of a foreword in this year’s Footy Almanac) come together on the same stage for a cause close to their hearts… Legendary local footy club St Kilda [Read more]

A-League 1,000: The Dekkers Edition

Hamish Neal is back with his preview of week 8 of the A-League season, featuring the time honoured Smeltz Derby.

Training for six- Chapter 3: Training for three

There has to be a reason for every drill. Even if only three turn up on a foggy Tuesday night. Matt Zurbo’s excellent ‘Training for six’ series continues…

Adelaide’s Proud Night Cricket Heritage – Watching This Electrical Storm*

Adelaide hosts the first day/night Test. As predicted in the pages of the Almanac many years ago. Sort of. Daniel Keane of the ABC did the heavy lifting with his piece on Electric Light Cricket.

Adelaide Launch of The Footy Almanac 2015 – 26 Nov.

The Adelaide launch of The Footy Almanac 2015 is on 26 Nov. The launch starts at 8.30pm. But there is a cricket game first from 5-8pm. It’s all explained here.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test: Call for writers

Let’s organise a rough schedule of contributors to ensure Almanac coverage of the Adelaide Test. All welcome.

Almanac Music: wishing life was like Penny Lane

In the midst of family violence Maria Majsa found comfort in a little transistor playing Penny Lane: a brave and moving story by one of Stereo Stories’ finest writers.

Crio’s Q? – does 2 hrs later equal twice the entertainment?

As Test Cricket sets up for the groundbreaking Test, “retro” Crio misses the wave, wondering if they’ve got the wrong product for the night time package.

‘Unification’ Rules: Attempts to Surmount the Great Divide between Australian Football and Rugby League

Pagan Maven with a well-referenced look back at former attempts to amalgamate football codes across Australia. Imagine what could have been… [What do you mean Queensland boycotted the 1933 talks? – Ed]

Tegan’s great catch – Photos by Peter Argent

Any keeper will tell you the hardest thing to do is snaffle a catch standing up to the stumps to the medium pacers.
What about the degree of difficulty for a photographer? Peter Argent captured these shots of Scorpions keeper Tegan McPharlin.

Talking trots and Trotsky and the distribution of dog tracks

Crankypete needs your help. It’s to do with the spatial distribution of trotting tracks in south eastern Australia…