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Best footballers to have an association with the wool industry

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Lou: they have no idea (about juniors, about scheduling, about ticket pricing, about anything)

Well, what do you expect, asks Lou? It seems so obvious.

The Almanackery (taken at the Melbourne launch)

The Almanackery gathers for the traditional launch photo.

The Eye of the Tiger

Tess Pryor makes her Almanac debut with a beaut story of not being tooted by the great man: Richo. {Welcome Tess – Ed]

Cricket’s a (hat) tricky game

Gigs has a day out.

Crio’s Racing: Looking for gold

Crio with his look at a diverse weekend of racing around the country.

Summer Fields

Bert Spinks shares his love of abandoned Tassie footy grounds in majestic surroundings – ” in remembering what has passed, my gratitude is renewed for what there is now”. (Sheer poetry -Ed.)

Yoshi’s Perception of Sport and Art

The Footy Almanac’s Northern Japan correspondant, Yoshi Imagawa, compares sport and art. A thought provoking piece from the Sapporo scribe.

The Footy Almanac 2014 Launch in Melbourne (it was a beauty)

Come and enjoy the festivities. Always a great celebration.

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NTFL Round 7 Wrapup

Jackson Clark reviews Round 7 in the NTFL and tells how AFL great Andrew McLeod has returned to Darwin at 38 years of age, to go round for his original club Buffaloes in a farewell (?) game.

It was a very good year

Some thoughts from Rob Bath in his debut year as co-editor of The Footy Almanac. [Celebrating the originality, diversity and good fun of The Footy Almanac – Ed]

Simon Black and the things that count

In writing his book, Old Dog spends some time with Simon Black. The conversation reminds him of an old footy story.

The medal that never was

Who deserves a premiership medal? In the third part of his Grand Final trilogy, Rick Kane shows how the 2014 Hawthorn squad shines a light on this issue. [You just can’t stop thinking about the 2014 flag can you Trucker Slim? – Ed]

Cubs now the Maddon Crowd

The baseball World Series has just finished but Mic Rees is already on board for his Chicago Cubs run at the 2015 pennant. Baseball fans will enjoy this history of the “loveable losers” managers, occasional successes and new season prospects and signings.

Bowled (Canna) Lily

Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt revisits the battlefields of childhood, and the characters that made those informal test matches forever memorable.

Why Footy is Attractive for a Japanese Bloke

Yoshi Imagawa strives to explain what he finds attractive and unique about Australian Rules footy.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Round 6 of the A-League

Dennis Gedling’s weekly A League wrap reviews a very competitive round, and unveils our Asian Cup mascot (hats off to Roy and HG).

A Gunn & Moore for all seasons

Craig Dodson beautifully shares the triumphs and tribulations of life alongside his trusty Gunn & Moore. It’s a special relationship between man and cricket bat.

Cricket: Killed by the ICC, with the dagger, in the cellar

Dips O’Donnell is picking up clues; sifting the evidence. Cricket is dead.

AFL Fans Association kicked goals despite itself

Jeff Dowsing gives us a ‘before, during and after’ view of his AFL Fans Association experience and its efforts taking on the AFL. “Not so much playing Goliath versus David as we were David’s kid sister”. Salient points about the growth, maintenance and renewal of any organised movement.