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Kate Birrell Rich v Syd pub

Kate Birrell captures the Richmond rapture at her local (see story below)

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AFL Round 23 Reports 

Collingwood v Hawthorn

Carlton v Essendon

Sydney v Richmond

Adelaide v St Kilda

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E. Regnans on how effective is that AFL equalisation policy

Trucker Slim on his daughter’s classic Grand Final victory

Best footballers to have an association with the wool industry

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AFL Round 23- Collingwood v Hawthorn:

Luke Reynolds looks at the Magpies final thrust at a finals birth and watches hard-nut Luke Ball give it one last crack.

Using Everything You’ve Got to Win a Premiership

Anne Cahill Lambert explains the Tigers rise from the doldrums. They have a woman as President and more women in leadership roles than any other AFL club.

WAFL Round 23: Tigers and Bulldogs – in form and bowing out

Les Everett says its been a strange season in the WAFL with the Final Four decided early, but those missing out finishing the season strongly. Finals start this weekend.

A few things I’ve learnt since leaving Essendon for the Bulldogs

Joefloh reflects on his first season as a Bulldogs supporter after dumping the tainted Bombers. He kept his integrity, found a lot of good mates, and saw a lot of losing footy matches.

Crio’s Question: Rolling the Dice on High Risk Recruits?

Crio cites Liverpool’s recent signing of Mario Balotelli as a prime example of high risk/high reward recruiting. Fev, Buddy – there are examples aplenty of how these things can work out. Let us know your examples and who you would take a risk on.

International Cup: Des Plus Brillants Exploits

Rob Chanter looks at the International Cup and analyses the ups and downs from an impressive 2014 campaign.

The Tigers are good for football: discuss.

JTH has spent a life-time in footy (like many of us).

He once despised the Tigers. He now believes they are good for football. He explains why.

AFL Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: Miracle at the Sporting Globe (this is the Almanac’s 10,000th piece)

Three Richmond fans walk into a bar…is it possible to get Optimism, Pessimism and Retrospect all on the same page? Enjoy this energetic account of an evening at the Sporting Globe in Melbourne with the Tiger faithful from Callum O’Connor.

This is the 10,000th piece to be published at footyalmanac.com.au. I am delighted it is by Callum O’Connor (a Latrobe Uni journalism student who has been writing for us – very creatively – since his early high school years); that it is about Richmond success (for whose soul has been more battered than the souls of the last two generations of Tigers); and that it comes in September.

Congratulations and thanks to all those who have contributed as writers (and other artists), as commenters, as readers, as supporters. Thanks also to all those who have helped (and continue to help) as editors.


AFL Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: The one we had to lose?

Tom Bally watches his Swans dish up an appalling, yet somewhat expected result against a hungrier Tigers outfit.

AFL Round 23 – Carlton v Essendon: The Perfect Ending

Jill Scanlon finds that a draw was somehow the appropriate ending for her Carlton Blues season.

Is this all the woollen footy jumpers in the world?

Rod Oaten has come clean and revealed the identities of all the teams in his Old Woollen Footy Jumpers collage (sort of like the Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band cover? – Ed.)

AFL Round 23 – Adelaide v St Kilda: farewell in the City of Churches

After a hell of a Saints season, Braham Dabscheck says farewell to some seasoned Saints.

AFL Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: A box full of surprises

Haje Halabi is unpacking. But a surf and a night with the Tigers dominate priorities. What could be inside that last box..?

The Post Wrap – AFL Round 23: the Yellow and Back (from the dead) Edition

The Wrap tells us how the team from Struggletown won their ninth on the trot, and gave TLSPRF another week to believe.

SA Country Footy – North East FL: RSMU Hawks v Southern Saints (nice pics)

More excellent footy pics from Peter Argent who watched the Southern Saints play RSMU Hawks in the NEFL in the mid-north of South Australia. [nice little cricket story too - JTH]

A Tale of Two Seasons: C Dickens on Collingwood’s 2014

David Wilson channels Charles Dickens to shed some light on his Magpies bipolar season. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Very small tribute

From the Doc, from Stewie, the Cowboy, Big Carl,  from Barcs, Plugger,  Harves and Nick. From the bottom of my grandson’s heart, who, when he sees a game of football, asks where’s Lenny.  It has been an pleasure  to watch you play, it has given so much enjoyment to all who have the luck to [Read more]

AFL Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: Finals Birth; the Agony

For those of who who didn’t watch Sydney v Richmond, here’s the next best thing: a spectator’s script with image of the crew at the pub.

AFL Round 23- Adelaide v St Kilda: Mr Squiggle and Dr Smith, trapped aboard the Jupiter 2.

CSI Almanac: Mickey Randall conducts a post-mortem on Adelaide’s 2014 season and finds only questions.

AFL Round 23 – Adelaide v St Kilda: The Fat Lady and the Crows are the only ones left singing

Yvette Wroby signs off on a St Kilda season of tears and torment, but she hopes that the young players have learned lessons in effort and character from the retiring Lenny Hayes.